Pennsylvania State Rep. Amen Brown Organizes Fan Giveaway At Building With Partial Air Conditioning In Wynnefield Heights

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A fan giveaway was organized by Pennsylvania State Rep. Amen Brown at the Brith Sholom House in Wynnefield Heights. The representative learned that part of the building has been without air conditioning just as the heatwave was set to arrive.

Brown also brought bottled water and bagged ice for the residents — many of whom are senior citizens.

“We got a heatwave coming, we can’t wait on whatever city, state or federal agency to say, ‘Oh we’ll get to you within a couple weeks,’” Brown said. “We have to solve real people’s issues right now.”

Two hundred fans, 200 bags of ice, and 150 cases of water were donated.

Brown says the ice and water were purchased from local Black-owned businesses.

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