Residents In Philadelphia Soak Up Sun, Find Ways To Beat Heat As Temperatures Soar: ‘It Feels Like July’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Beating the heat was at the top of many people’s minds in the Philadelphia area Saturday. Next week might be the unofficial start of summer, but one step outside will tell a different story.

Despite that, many ventured out to soak up the sun, all while trying to beat the heat. 

CBS3 cams were there as these kids splashed around a sprayground inside Sister Cities Park. Others opted for a cool drink or even a cool treat to combat the stifling scorcher of a Saturday. 

Still some we saw didn’t seem to mind the sweat. Some guys got in a workout out front of the Art Museum. 

But for most, it was hard to ignore today’s heat.

“It definitely went from like winter to summer in an instant,” Caleb Bender said. “There was no spring whatsoever. It was, like, what two weeks ago really cold, I think. And now all of the sudden it’s like 90 degrees.”

“We live right up in Brewerytown, but we had to beat the heat because it’s so hot, so we didn’t walk, we drove,” Kelsey Parham said. “Just to, you know, get in the pool a little bit.”

“It feels like July, like the middle of the summer,” one man said. “It’s way too hot.”

If you’re looking for ways to stay cool in the city this weekend, there’s cooling places open at select libraries in Philadelphia and spraygrounds have opened in various neighborhoods.

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