Here Comes Summer!

Still looking like warm/hot air inbound to New England this weekend. Yet again, on Thursday afternoon, afternoon temps held in check across New England….60s/70s….

you can see where the heat is tho and all that has to happen is swap out the east-southeast wind for a southwest wind and temps will take off. That doesn’t quite happen on Friday but we will see temps inland head for 80. Coastal locations will still have their temps held in check thanks to a sea breeze…

Like Thursday, there is the slightest of chances of a brief/pop-up shower during the afternoon but all-in-all a great summer day!

On to the weekend! It does look like hot weather is here but not for everyone.

For both Saturday and Sunday, a sea breeze will prevent 90 degree temps from occurring but inland, 90 is likely each day. Thankfully, there won’t be obnoxious tropical humidity to contend with but each morning will have humidity (coast and inland) before fading into the background as the heat takes center stage. Also of note, even tho it will be hot (and somewhat humid) there won’t be any thunderstorms to chase you off the lakes, pools, golf courses or beaches! A classic summer weekend!

A/C’s are likely to be running this weekend but have you noticed??….we haven’t had to use the A/C’s that often in June! In fact, we have yet to reach 90 in Boston this year! Last June Boston reached 90….

Certainly quite a bit hotter last June than this June.

Stay cool


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