Drivers should be on lookout for exit signs on both sides of freeways: Roadshow

Q: I was reading a driving tip in Reader’s Digest to expect signs on exits to be on the same side of the highway as the exit. Makes sense and seems totally intuitive. On Interstate 880 in Oakland, why is the sign regarding the Walnut Creek I-24 exit placed on the left, when that exit is on the right? Does Caltrans have different rules?

Chuck Beach

A: Yes. Exit signs are usually placed on the right. In areas of high traffic, signs may also be placed on the left.

Q: I have a question about San Jose BART Stations. Even after reading your column, I still don’t understand why VTA is involved at all in BART operations, including the parking lots. Why is VTA on the hook to pay for any of BART’s operations for the Silicon Valley extension?

Isn’t all funding for BART operations, anywhere in the system, the responsibility of BART?

What is the history behind this kind of arrangement, where VTA is involved at all in any ownership of any pieces of BART, including the stations? Is this how it works in other counties that BART operates in, that someone else owns the BART stations, tracks and trains, and pays BART to operate them? From what I can tell, it’s at least not that way with other BART parking lots.

Randy Breunling, San Jose

A: VTA built and owns both new transit centers and the BART stations in Santa Clara County. That’s how the tax was set up when BART was coming to Santa Clara County. Other counties have other arrangements but in most cases, BART owns and operates the system and parking lots.

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Q: A key point about the places where bicycles are allowed on freeways is that these are all places where there is no alternate route.  Also, where bicycles are allowed to enter a freeway, bicyclists are always required to leave at the following exit. You will never see bicycles crossing an entrance or exit lane.

David Ogilvie

A: Thanks for this information.

Q: I know everyone will howl, but I would not mind a requirement to take a road test every 10 years. And the frequency of a written test is laughable. We all form bad habits after many years of experience, but still think we’re great drivers. Also, when we’re getting the smog test every 2 years, why not require a check for tires, brake lights, headlights and turn signals? Lots of other states do.

Dana Tucker, San Jose

A: You have some good ideas here, and state agencies will look at them.

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